We are an emerging junior exploration and mining company incorporated in Wyoming. Our principal mission is to explore, acquire and develop prospect properties and historic precious metals mines abandoned as World War II broke out. Gold and Silver Mines were closed by presidential order as non-essential mining, men were drafted to war and steel from mining equipment became guns, tanks and ships for the war efforts. After the war, mines were rarely worked at depths below the water table. Because of a lack of economic viability due to low precious metals prices and antiquated, inefficient mining technology, many rich deposits were left for future generations to mine.   Many existing historic mines have great potential; these abundant prospect mines remain essentially unexplored in modern times. Some of these mines have histories of having yielded great reserves from the near surface layers of mineral deposits and can now be efficiently explored and exploited at proper depths with modern exploration and mining methods, advanced mining technology and highly efficient heavy equipment. Previously discarded tailings and dump ore contain significant levels of recoverable metals that have only recently become possible to recover with new metallurgical technology. Our prospective acquisitions are primarily properties that have a higher degree of potential success and mitigated risk due to proven past production or positive sampling or drilling results. These properties potentially provide an instant upside with lower risk than greenfield exploration operations.   As we enter a productive phase in a thriving economy, as an exploration company we must respond to an increased demand for metals in most major industries. This demand requires additional sources of metals and minerals. We feel that precious metals have and will benefit from weakness in other financial sectors. Metals in general will benefit from the push for alternative and renewable energy, new infrastructure and from demand driven consumption.  

We are presently raising capital through an exempt Private Placement Offering. This provides an investment opportunity, strictly for USA Residents who qualify as Accredited Investors. If you are outside of the USA and are interested in in our mission, please contact us for instructions.