Our Mission

To locate and acquire superior Gold Exploration and Mining opportunities.

We have been  researching Gold Mines and Gold Mining Claims in the Western United States  for 10 years. 

We primarily target Patented properties with a history of production.

Our strategy mitigates risk as we acquire  exploration and mining operations that have documented history of production and proven or probable resources.

About our Regulation D compliant Private Placement Offering:

Reg D 506c Private Placement 

We are currently negotiating purchase and acquisition of three different mining and exploration properties. 

Our primary target is a near production, permitted, functional mining operation. 

The first targeted property is a recently producing mine which is still currently permitted and bonded for underground mining. It is located on private  property consisting of 400+ acres are patented Lode and Placer Claims  surrounded by National Forest Leased  Mining Claims.

There is a Mill Site which can process Placer and Lode Ore.  Minor infrastructure enhancement and repair is required to be completed before extraction operations are resumed. The cost to improve this infrastructure is one reason it became available to our Company. 

Our plan is to implement a planned drilling program to assess Gold Content in Quartz Veins that are visible on the surface and have never been drilled as the focus has been on the Placer deposits that have a record of production from historic mining. Additional gold deposits will be explored and measured by surface testing, drilling, trenching and driving crosscuts underground. 

To obtain a full investment package including the Business Plan, Proforma and PPM with Subscription Agreement, please complete this NCNDA.

We are a privately owned Wyoming Corporation Contact us for details regarding our Reg D Private Placement Offering!

About Zuvuya Exploration

The latest in energy efficient and clean air electric equipment to replace Diesel


As we invest in new equipment, we plan to take advantage of cost cutting clean technologies like the new electric powered equipment available from the major manufacturers.

Green is good for cutting fuel and ventilation costs


Health and Safety are primary concerns for us. We choose to work with Partners with a similar vision of responsible mining.

Our Past Producing Gold Mine Targets offer mitigated risk and proven resources


We keep our eyes and ears open and conduct intensive research to locate target properties that come with bonus potential for additional discovery through utilization of modern exploration methods and expert advisors and consultants.

We focus on Southwest USA properties


We are primarily engaged in gold exploration in the Western United States. Our goal is to acquire gold mining properties that have proven past production with indicated reserves. We identify and study potential acquisitions that meet our criteria for acquisition with the shortest possible ramp up possibilities.

Year round mining


Zuvuya Exploration is focused on past producing mining districts. Along with traditional methods; our exploration  methods include Satellite Sensing with Lidar, Gamma, X Ray Fluorescence and targeted Drone exploration. 

Patented properties offer versatility and diversified ventures


Our Goal is to work with Federal, State and Local Communities to provide local employment and commerce opportunities, enhance living conditions and provide a safe and clean operation that benefits all.

Zuvuya Exploration Inc

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